How do I become a member?

You can subscribe to our site very easily. You can sign up for your My Account page and sign up for your e-mail address and the password you’d like to use to sign in. You can also easily log in with your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and Microsoft accounts.

How Can I Change My Member Information and Password?

What you should do when you want to change the information you have already entered on our site; You can make any changes by clicking Edit My Account from the customer panel to edit your member information or password. To edit your billing address, you can make any changes by clicking Edit My Address from the customer panel.

Forgot Password, What Should I Do?

Forgot your login password click here: Lost your password? Simply type your member user name or e-mail address. Your new password information will be sent to your e-mail address.

Membership Paid?

To subscribe to our site are not charged any fees. You can also visit our store without being a member, but you must be a member to benefit from our campaigns.

What are The Benefits of Membership?

After you subscribe to our site, you will be the first to learn the news from special offers and games. For each purchase, you can use the points that are charged to your membership as a free product or as a loan.

What is Information Verification?

To make payment and shopping on our site, you must verify your one-time information. The main purpose of the information verification process is your and our security. Real person detection, spam / fraud prevention purposes for your information is recorded in our system for confirmation. In addition, the information received from you in every payment you make without any extra information is billed. Your information is stored in encrypted servers, no way 2/3. not shared with individuals and institutions.

Is My Information Safe?

All the information you have entered on our site is encrypted and is not shared with third parties. Your payment information is not stored. Turgame employees never ask you for information such as passwords / cards, etc. For your account security, do not share your membership password with anyone.

Can I shopping without singing up?

Yes. You can also shop without members. However, we advise you to make purchases, campaigns and discounts.

How Do I Close My Membership?

If you want close account click Contact You must fill in the form on the.

How do I pay?

You can pay using ATM Cardless Transaction, Money Order, EFT, Credit Card or Alternative payment methods. You can visit our Payment Methods page for payment options.

What is my wallet?

My wallet is Prepay system. You can load money in your wallet before shopping. With the money you upload, you can purchase any product on the site using your wallet balance.

How Do I Load Balance in My Wallet?

To upload a balance to your wallet, you need to login. After you have logged in, you can load the balance by clicking the Load Balance on My Wallet option. You can load your wallet balance using one of the available payment methods by typing in the desired amount.

How do I make a Money Order / EFT Transaction?

With your debit card, you can make money order or EFT to the account numbers on our website via ATM or internet banking. After you add the product you want to buy in the basket and come to your payment screen, you can make a transfer / EFT and complete the order. You can also make a Money Order / EFT before you buy the product, you can upload this balance to your Wallet and then you can shop with your wallet balance. For bank account information, please visit our Bank Account Information page.

I made a bank payment. Then What Do I Do?

If you made a payment before placing an order and the amount of the product you purchased and the amount you deposited are equal, simply add the product to the basket and select the option to transfer to the payment screen, select the bank where you deposit and make a payment notification. If you made a payment after placing your order and the amount of the product you purchased and the amount you deposited is equal, your order will be automatically approved and processed. You can use the Order Tracking menu to check the status of your order.

How Can I Pay With a Credit Card or Debit Card?

You can pay on our website with Credit Card or Debit Card. Some credit cards with installments can make the difference with maturity. Add the product you want to buy in the basket and go to the Payment page. You can select your Credit Card from payment options and perform your payment transaction.

I'm abroad. How do I pay?

We have many payment options for our overseas customers. If you choose “Payment by Alternative Methods” from the payment options during the purchase process, you will see the most suitable payment options depending on your location.

What I Make With Your Payment Amount Different?

Assume that you pay 30 TL before ordering. 25,50 TL for the product. You must install this balance in your wallet in order to use the difference later. From the My Account menu, click My Wallet, and then click Load Balance. Write 30 to the amount and complete the payment notification processes. A 30 TL balance will be generated in your wallet when the transaction is confirmed. You can shop with this balance.

Why was my payment canceled?

Your credit card or debit card payment is mainly due to security reasons. Please use your credit card on your behalf. For security reasons, you can call the payment company by phone. If the broker cannot reach you by phone, you may cancel your payment for security reasons.

How do I Make a Mobile Payment?

The Mobile Payment option is temporarily closed. The systems you can pay are bank payment, credit card payment and alternative methods.

How Can I Order?

You may place an order as a member or without a member. Add the product / products you want to buy to your cart with the add to cart button. Click on the Cart button to view your basket content. You can change your order quantity while in the Basket Contents menu. Click the Go to Payment Page button to proceed with the payment process. You can complete your order transaction with Money Order / EFT, Payment by Bank Card, Payment by Credit Card and many alternative payment methods.

When Is My Order Delivered?

E-Pin products: Your E-Pin products are delivered immediately after your order and you can see the e-pin code of the product you purchased from the My Orders menu on the customer panel on the right. To view the codes you have purchased, you can see it by clicking View in the corresponding order. Game Coins: The delivery time of your play money products which we have to make delivery varies according to the order of the product. If you have received another customer before you receive the product is queued, the products are delivered respectively. If there is no order, the delivery time is between 1 and 15 minutes. You can follow the instant status of your Game Money order in the My Orders menu. With our new service SMS Information, you can send a free SMS to your mobile phone instantly.

How Can I Track My Order?

In order to track the orders of our customers who are not a member, we can enter the Order Tracking page and write the order number and e-mail address. Customers who place orders as a member can follow their orders on the My Orders page instantly. With our new service SMS Information, you can send a free SMS to your mobile phone instantly.

How Can I Cancel My Orders?

Since all of the products purchased on our site are digital content, there is absolutely no cancellation or refund. If the code you purchased is incorrect, the cancellation / return / exchange process is done after the necessary checks are performed. If you believe that the code you purchased is incorrect, you should contact our Live Support team.

Is My Personal Information Protected?

TURGAMEcom warrants that it will not share your personal information with third parties, and uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) server protocols that are widely preferred around the world to protect this data. All your information in is protected by 256-bit encryption technology.

Are credit / debit card transactions safe? my credit / debit card for payments you make with Turkey is one of the most reliable payment system Payten has been working with the company. When paying with your credit / debit card, you will be redirected to Paytr’s SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) cryptographic common payment page and you will be able to pay with the 3D Secure secure payment system (by entering your confirmation message sent from your bank via the payment screen). As soon as you complete the payment, the balance you have uploaded will appear in your account. Your credit card information will not be stored in

Is my credit card information stored?

Your credit card information is not kept in our system and is not stored.

How can I contact the Live Support Team?

To access our Live Support team, you can click the Live Support button in the lower left corner of our site. Or click here

Support Ticket

To create a new ticket you need to login. If you are a member, please click here to create a ticket.

Can I return the product that I buy?

All products sold on are digital code and play money, so there is no refund.

Is it possible to return my balance?

You can undo the balance you have deposited in your account through the payment method you used to load the balance. For example, if you have a balance with EFT / Money Transfer, the refund will be made directly to the relevant credit card when making a refund to your bank account. After you make any purchases with your balance, money or products are not refundable as the products you purchase are covered by digital content. On the other hand, if you use part of the balance that you upload to TURGAMEcom, the rest of the balance cannot be returned. In order for your refund request to be confirmed, you should not have taken any action with the balance you have loaded. You can forward your money back requests from the “Support” page.