My payment/transaction failed. What should I do?

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There may be various reasons for your transaction to fail. In general, the failure is most often caused by:

  • A mistake in the payment details (Invalid CVV, PIN, card numbers or expiration date);
  • Restrictions on your payment method (insufficient funds, card not enabled for international or online payments, amount to pay exceeding the limits on your card);
  • A security issue on your payment provider’s side (the payment authorization is rejected by your bank/payment provider or you have failed the 3ds security check on your card);
  • A rejection of your transaction by TURGAME due to security concerns.

As you can see, there can be few reasons for your payment to fail. If it happens, there’s no need to worry – even if any funds are reserved for your failed payment, they will always automatically returned.

I saw a message that my transaction was rejected. Why did that happen?

Usually, it means that your payment provider didn’t approve your payment.

What you should do first, is check if:

  • You typed the correct payment details (card numbers, expiration date, CVV);
  • Your card can be used for international payments (some cards, usually prepaids or gift cards, work only in specific regions/countries);
  • You have not reached your monthly/weekly/daily transaction limit;
  • You have enough funds available.

In some cases, your payment might have been also rejected by Payment Partners security system. The Payment Partners gateway uses an advanced security system, which automatically rejects transactions if it detects anything suspicious. The reasons behind the rejection will be different in each situation.

If it happens, we recommend that you:

  • Make sure that you are the owner of the card or account used to make the payment;
  • Use a registered TURGAME Account with a connected phone number;
  • Try using a different device (mobile phone, tablet etc.);
  • Wait 24 hours before trying to make a new payment;
  • Change your payment method to a different one, e.g. PaySafeCard and Skrill.