My payment/transaction was refunded. When and how will I receive my funds back?

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The time it takes to process a refund depends entirely on the security protocols and internal regulations of the payment processing companies.

In simpler words – how much time it will take for you to receive your funds back depends only on the type of payment method that you’ve used.

For example, a payment made via the PayPal Wallet takes just a few moments to go through, but if you paid using a credit or debit card – it might take between a few days up to 28 business days for your payment provider to process your refund.

Because of that, we recommend contacting your payment provider if you wish to know more about the time that they need to process refunds – they will be able to tell you in detail how long it may take.

When it comes to how you will receive your funds – they will always be refunded to the source of your payment if only possible.

However, please keep in mind that some payment methods, such as Paysafecard or Coingate, cannot be refunded directly to the source of your payment (because of their technical limitations).