Payment Statuses

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You can find several different payment statuses on TURGAME. Each one represents a different stage your payment and order might go through.

1. Waiting for payment – we are still waiting for payment. If you made a transaction by mistake (for example buying 2 items instead of just one) but no money was withdrawn from your account, you can simply ignore the order without any consequences or cancel it manually. Click here to learn how.

2. Processing – the order’s payment hasn’t yet been fully processed. Don’t worry, usually, it takes just a few minutes.

3. Complete – We’ve sent your key. Check your mailbox or My Collection on TURGAME Account dashboard to claim it and have fun!

4. Canceled – You either manually canceled an order, or its payment failed, being canceled automatically for security reasons. In the latter case the funds are returned to you as fast as possible. Check this article to learn more.

5. Refunded – you received a full refund as a result of TURGAME’s support’s or seller’s action.

6. On Hold – The “Hold” status should tell you that your order needs additional verification from our side. In this case you should contact us by creating a ticket.