1. Have you checked your Turgame Orders Page?

All your purchased products are available in My Orders Page when you log in to your account. If you see the order but no key is available please mention that in your ticket.

2. Isn’t your purchase a pre-order?

Please check if you haven’t purchased a pre-order copy. If the product is a pre-order (it hasn’t been released yet) you will get your game as soon as the game is released.

3. Did you check the spam folder?

Sometimes email messages from us can end up in your spam folder. Make sure you searched in there.

4. Check if the money isn’t just reserved/pending or if it hasn’t been refunded already.

There might be cases when technical issues prevent us from delivering the key you’ve purchased automatically. In those cases, the money will either be refunded or our support team will contact you directly. Please check if you haven’t received an email from them already.
Are you still experiencing problems?